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Continuing Professional Development



CPD is essential for career progression

It is fully recognised by Human Resource experts within healthcare institutions that 'internal' (in-house) and 'external' (from institutions outside the place of employment) CPD points may be SELF-AWARDED, provided that the programmes are open to scrutiny by any appraiser.

Expertology will provide CPD points, which will be printed on your certificate. These points have been carefully calculated by Expertology, and have not been granted by any third party. Your appraiser will have the opportunity to scrutinise the Expertology website in order to confirm that the CPD points have relevance to you.

Credible sources such as the Royal Colleges grant CPDs for elligible courses. Although Expertology has not gone down this route, this is a high quality, transparent method of gaining CPD points.

Please be aware that unlike some companies, we have not used 'CPD agencies' to grant CPD points, to simply tick a box.

It is good practice to ask companies the methodology of granting of their CPD points

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